Reflection on the year

There are some challenges that I had to face over the year like My science project with Nikki: This was a challenge for me because we could not find any time to meet at the library. But we had class time so it was done….

My weekend

There are 3 things that happened during the week end. 1. I played Asphalt 8 airborne.The gate drift, infected, knock down, elimination, versus, and classic are the game modes. my favorite is the versus because I get to go as my Lamborghini Countach. Classic Lamborghini….

speech on smoking

Smoking is very bad. It might feel good, but it is not. Smoking is bad because it causes very bad illness and it can harm every organ in the body. The illness can cause headaches and maybe mood swings. Also it can cause lung cancer,…


Hello fellow classmates! My name is D’marques. Today I am going to talk about why I am running for minister of heath, my promises and how I will help Mr.Lee with health. Why I am running for minister of health I am running for minister…

Alchemist response

One day at school, I wanted to steal a transformers toy.HEART: STEAL IT! It is Age of Extinction voyager Grimlock! The 10% better mold of him! GUT/BRAIN: No! Do not steal it! I know how much you want it, but stealing is not the way…

reading response for lord of the flies

This story relates to my life because when I was in grade 2 I was trapped in the change room in gym. That relates to the part when the boys get trapped on the island.    

alchemist question

I think the alchemist means that Santiago has to turn himself into his personal legend when he says that Santiago needs to turn himself into the wind in 3 days.

unbelievable question

The part in my story that is unbelievable is the force. The force is not real. You cannot move things with your mind.


One day two scientists created a growth serum and had nothing to test it on. “We have nothing to test the growth serum on!” Said Tracy.  “Maybe we can test it on Coco.” Said Hayoung. T: “Good idea! Let’s do this”. They had a sub…

reading responces

If I would rate Luke sky walker it would be 8. It is 8 because he is a teenager, he loves action, the Force is strong within him and he still needs to learn that he has more power than he thinks. If Luke turned…