One day two scientists created a growth serum and had nothing to test it on. “We have nothing to test the growth serum on!” Said Tracy.  “Maybe we can test it on Coco.” Said Hayoung. T: “Good idea! Let’s do this”. They had a sub scientist: D’marques. D: “Hey guys, I mean girls, don’t you think this could hurt Coco?” H: “Relax, we won’t know if he feels pain anyways. He can’t talk.” T: “Yeah. What could possibly go wrong?” D: “Okay. I trust you.” H: “D’marques, hold Coco. Tracy, get the needle”. Tracy stabbed Coco with the needle. D: “He is starting to yaw ! O my gosh, he’s growing!” T: “Well obviously! What part of growth serum don’t you understand!?” H: I think he’s over growing. D: “I will put him down now.” T: “Awe! He’s catching up to my hight!” D: “Let’s maroon him before he causes any trouble.” One day later Coco was reborn. Now he is COCOZILLA. D: “WE NEED A SIEGE!


COCOZILLA has found a way to swim. H: He’s swimming towards the city! T: This is bad. This is very very bad. D: I knew something bad was going to happen! H: I thought you trusted us. T: Who cares about trusting! We need to to take this thing down. D: The only thing I’m taking is a vacation. H: We have all the money. Ha! D: Fine. I correspond with you. T: We must exquisite our options on how to get him. Create a shrink ray or kill him. H: Let’s go with the shrink ray.


COCOZILLA: ROAR!!!!! D: I think he’s mad. He destroyed the city! C-Z: blaaaa! H: Whoa! Where did he get a plasma blaster for a mouth!? T: It must have came with the mutation. D: give me the shrink ray! T: What are you doing!?!? D: I will shoot him! H: Good luck! BZZZZZZZZ! C-Z ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! H: You did it! D: I did?….. I mean, of coarse I did I have prevailed. A posse of angry officers sewed the scientists. Coco pooped on D’marques’ hand. D: Ewww. I think I have nausea. So they payed the bill and inflixed the cage and everything was back to normal.