Hello fellow classmates! My name is D’marques. Today I am going to talk about why I am running for minister of heath, my promises and how I will help Mr.Lee with health.

Why I am running for minister of health

I am running for minister of health because I want the big responsibility of making people healthy. I also always wanted to be a gym coach when I grow up.I have been watching coaches to see what they do to keep people healthy and fit. If I get this job I can do what they do.

My promises

I promise to:

  • To make sure that at lunch that everyone including myself, is finishing their lunch.
  • I will make sure that the class is eating healthy foods.
  • At gym I will make sure people are wearing appropriate clothes.
  • At gym I will also make sure everyone does the warm ups.

How I will help Mr.Lee with health

I will make sure Mr.Lee does the warm ups.I will also make sure he wears the right clothes also.


So, this about wraps up my speech on the benefits of correspondence of me being nominated as minister of health. VOTE 4 ME!