speech on smoking

Smoking is very bad. It might feel good, but it is not. Smoking is bad because it causes very bad illness and it can harm every organ in the body. The illness can cause headaches and maybe mood swings. Also it can cause lung cancer, rob you from your  good cholesterol, raises blood pressure levels and makes it very  hard to exercise. When I was in grade 2, one of my friends made his own cigarette and smoked it, he coughed a lot and then toled me to do it. I refused because I knew that smoking was bad.

It is the cause of 37,000 deaths in Canada per year. That is a lot of deaths and we can all blame it on SMOKING. I hope nobody here wants to be one of those people because I know I don’t. The reason why they die is because they have the illnesses that I talked about earlier. Also different ones too. Chronic lung disease and trouble breathing. If they can’t breathe…. oh boy. They will suffocate to death.

Now this is the most mind blowing fact of all. Every cigarette you smoke reduces your life span by 11 minutes. Now I can guarantee everyone here that I will never smoke. You know the song never say never? Well when it comes to smoking, all ways say never.

In conclusion, smoking is a very bad thing and nobody here should grow up smoking. Thank you for listening to my speech about why cigarettes are bad and nobody should smoke.