Reflection on the year

There are some challenges that I had to face over the year like

My science project with Nikki: This was a challenge for me because we could not find any time to meet at the library. But we had class time so it was done.

Playing with my friends in E.O.E.C.  This was another challenge for me because when we were playing Arya wanted to sleep so we had to be quiet while playing.

Here are 3 Highlights of the year;

1: E.O.E.C Wolf Prowl

Do not even get me started on wolf prowl it is so fun. We had to be split to 3 groups: Diseases,  Carnivore and Herbivore. I was a herbivore and Carnivores would hunt me while I collect fake food. The Diseases would hunt both. It was like hunger games.

2:Meeting Mr.Lee

When I first looked at Mr.Lee I was like this is going to be a boring teacher. I was completely wrong. Mr.Lee is awesome. He gives us candy just for doing spelling quiz, and he makes us listen to music while we do work.


I love drama. We had to do a anti-bulling project. I don’t know why we did not get to complete it though.  Sebastian and I where the ones chosen to be bullied, Cali, Anya, Hayoung were the bullies.In conclusion, my year was good. I need to work on focusing   organization for  the new year.